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Sabeen Rabbani

"I had long golden sideburns which were a result of waxing since I was 16 years old. I started electrolysis with Ms.Shazia Siddiqui in 1997 when I was only 21. My mum was very understanding and took me to her, it took about a year, having electrolysis sessions twice a week for an hour, before I would consider myself hairless, it gave beautiful results. My skin became smooth like a baby's!

Electrolysis sessions then spread over few sittings a month. And then reduced to twice a year after three years. No one can believe today that I had so much hair on my face. Today it's perfectly hair free, MashaAllah!"

Lubna Aziz

"I was having electrolysis done by Shazia in my young days and finished with my unwanted hair permanently. Shazia’s work has been immaculate, I recently started my Botox & fillers treatment with her and absolutely love it, seeing those wrinkles disappear gained me confidence in my middle age. I am so pleased to be her client.

Zainab Safi

Thanks a lot Shazia Siddiqui, my lips look so much fuller and shaped now, I was very worried initially but Shazia put me at ease, also got Botox done by her which has given my face a very fresh look. My mum is also looking forward to get thread lift done by her. Really pleased with her treatments. I also plan to get Blepharoplasty done by her soon.

Sadia Talib

Shazia Siddiqui has helped me gain my confidence back after I got my Aesthetic treatments done by her, her eyelid lifting and PRP treatment has made my skin younger and fuller looking again. I am now getting my anti-hair loss PRP treatment by her. A very satisfied customer.


Here goes the review of ShaziaSiddiqui’s electrolysis+IPL treatment on my sister!
“The first time I visited Shazia was about 5 months back. Had never done waxing or anything, but use of bleach had made it worse, and my face had thick hair! I started off with electrolysis; she did 2 hours on each side first, which reduced the hair growth significantly. I have been getting electrolysis done and the results are tremendous, at least I can see my face now, else I couldn’t have survived without bleach (with 15-20 days gap)! On my last sitting, we talked about the heavy hair on sides, and she said I can do electrolysis but I think IPL is better as the area is big so it would be good on your pocket, and after my approval we went ahead with it! Again, it has been a month and I haven’t seen ANY hair growth on that area, she did follow up on the previous ones. Overall, I’d say her services are value for money, they may not be extremely cheap, but the work you get done and the results are so incredible that you don’t want to miss out on that. I have seen other women doing this, who may compromise on hygiene or the time they give you by lowering the price, Shazia doesn’t do that. I have had times when she gave me extra minutes just to complete the area which she started, times when she gives me service and I don’t have cash with me and she is okay in me transferring her the money later on- the value addition that she provides in her services is great! Again, like I said my treatment/process is still going to take another 6 months or so, but my hair growth has reduced so significantly that I can’t notice it anymore!”


Hey guys !Im posting on behalf of a friend of mine. She had hair growth on her neck, very rough hair since 5-6 years. She was tired of going to the parlour for waxing twice every month. Then finally she read a post on karachi salon explorer related to electrolysis. "The electrolysis clinic" She was very confused at first but then after talking to the doctor she thought why not give it a try. Dr shazia siddiqui was very sweet to her .. She was all booked but still made time for her .on her first appoinment she explained her everything , the process in detail with patience and was very kind to her.

She did a combination of electrolysis and laser on her neck. Its been three sittings and anybody can see the difference !! Shes very happy with the result and will proceed with the process!


Posting on behalf of a friend who recently visited Dr. Shazia Siddiqui’s clinic for electrolysis treatment for her facial hair.

“I got to know about Dr. Shazia through KSE. Upon extensive research about the process I went ahead and talked to her on phone. She was quite patient, listened to my issue and gave me appointment for next week.

A week later when I went to visit her she gave me consultancy. My issue was that I had several hair but I never got wax done, so all the hair was out and visible to her! She gave suggestions as to how we should go about the process, with one cheek and chin at a time and the other on later visit. The overall process was painless. Not that you don’t feel anything, you do but no pain- at least not for me! Her professionalism is remarkable, she gives you your due time (whatever time you ask for) and is very particular about it. It did leave my skin red for a couple of hours but was all good in like 2 hours or so! I am visiting her again next week for the other side and planning to get my upper lips done as well! I was so scared initially, but all went smoothly! Plus I got a 5% discount due to KSE which was an added bliss!”


So I have been going to Shazia Siddiqui at The Electrolysis Clinic Karachi for permanent hair removal...I had really bushy eyebrows which have been such a pain but since i've gone to her and it's only been 3 months and 6 sessions, i've seen a drastic reduction of my hair on my eyebrows...super happy that i was recommended to her by my bhabi and as surprising as it may sound (cuzi never believed it till i tried it) but this really does work and is genuinely the solution for "permanent" hair removal...Shazia herself is such a sweet lady and really guides you well according to the hair growth you have...would recommend

Rasti Ahmad

"I have visited Dr. Shazia for electrolysis treatment for various parts of my body. Her honest approach to her work, coupled with her friendly and caring attitude towards her clients is one of the reasons I never even considered looking for a replacement. Her work has always yielded the results she promises they will, and I am quite literally proof of this."


"Very satisfied with The Electrolysis & Laser Clinic Karachi! Dr. Shazia Siddiqui did my daughter's case of facial hair removal ten years ago. My daughter is married now and no hair has come back ever since. I am really pleased with the results!"


"Wonderful results! Ms.Shazia Siddiqui is the the only Certified Electrologist in Pakistan by British Association of Electrolysis. My daughters got it done and MashaAllah not a single hair is left! Very satisfied with their work. Thanks a lot!!!"

Mrs Adeel

"I am very pleased with my the electrolysis treatment I received at Electrolysis & Laser Clinic. Ms.ShaziaSiddiqi is a highly professional and courteous person. I was especially very impressed by the strict hygiene and sterilization standards being followed at this clinic."